This is Why You Need to Have a DHA Fish Oil Dosage As Part of Your Health Routine

It appears to be on a regular occurrence that scientists are telling us that we need to have a DHA fish oil dosage as regular as we possibly can, and from what I have read that should really be on a daily basis. The reason for this is because although all sources of omega3 in general are good for us, it is the essential fat DHA that is found in oily fish which does the most good for the body; and it is not just one particular thing that this fat protects you from, it is being found that taking a DHA fish oil dosage can help protect your heart, feed your brain and protect you from inflammation amongst many other things. Let’s take a look at this and a little more detail.

  • Inflammation – There has been a new breakthrough been discovered in the way that omega3 DHA fights inflammation. Omega six helps boost inflammation and what actually occurs is that the white blood cells stick to the inner lining of the blood vessels, effectively this is body’s natural defense system attacking healthy tissues. Now we know that this inflammation can lead to causes such as arthritis and joint pains, however it also leads to underlying conditions such as aneurysms, strokes and unexpected fatal heart attacks. What has been discovered is that DHA actually turns into another chemical called Resolvin D2, and when this mixes with the inner lining of the blood vessel it creates nitric oxide which prevents the white blood cells from sticking, and therefore stopping inflammation.
  • Brain Health – Are you aware that your brain is actually made RAD 140 results up of DHA fats? Not all of your brain admittedly, but approximately 25% of it is actually made up of these fats, and by taking a DHA fish oil dosage on a daily basis you are then feeding your brain with what it needs to function at its most optimum level. What you’ll find is that you probably will experience better memory and concentration and also be less likely to suffer from mood swings and depression. In addition to that by taking a DHA fish oil dosage regularly you are also less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In addition to that, children that take a DHA fish oil dosage are less likely to have behavioral problems and higher verbal IQ’s.
  • Healthy Heart – One of the first areas that DHA was linked to in regards to your good health was in fact the heart. The reason for this was because the western world had the highest rates of heart disease and yet races such as the Greenland Eskimos suffered from hardly any heart disease. Research was carried out and in due course it was realized it was down to their diet of oily fish and of course the DHA fats which are contained in them. Now it is known that these DHA fats do several things to help protect the heart. First of all they help the heart to maintain a regular heartbeat, they help to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels and also to help prevent blood pressure from becoming too