Dolphin Olympics 2 is quite a fun online flash game, in which you control the dolphin to perform numerous tricks that are pleasing to the eye. The game is somewhat similar to Ecco The Dolphin (if you know what it is), but without a story, just the pure fun of controlling dolphins. It’s easy to play, it’s a lot of fun, and best of all, it’s absolutely free!

In Dolphin Olympics 2 your goal is to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes by swimming, jumping, rolling, spinning and sliding your dolphin’s tail. The game has incredibly addictive mechanics that you will enjoy right away, however to master all the tricks and get big points you will have to practice a lot.

There are a few things to aim for in this free game besides getting the highest score. When you gain momentum, you can make your dolphin jump higher and higher, you will reach the Moon, Mars and the other planet, to a restaurant at the end of the galaxy! Also, it’s fun to jump so high and enjoy the tricks even without any goal! The sounds of the sea are relaxing, the tricks are a real treat for the eyes, so this is a real game to just relax and enjoy.

The basic controls in Dolphin Olympics 2 are pretty simple. The arrow keys control the direction of the dolphin’s movement under water. After gaining some momentum underwater, direct your dolphin to jump out of the water and that’s where the tricks take place. While in the air, you can roll (by pressing DOWN) or turn clockwise or counterclockwise (by pressing RIGHT or LEFT). However, be เว็บแทงบอล sure to always land nose first to maintain momentum; otherwise you will lose speed. So the trick is to jump, jump, jump and always land nose first! This will increase your speed more and more: your dolphin will jump higher and higher, and during each jump you can roll, spin and slide your tail many times for a nice bonus. That’s it for basic controls!

In order to jump even higher and get a higher score in Dolphin Olympics 2, you must also learn the advanced moves. Always look for the rings, they give you a nice boost! Hold DOWN while approaching the water to slide the tail and press UP to jump (this also works on stars). Shoot the fish out of the water to increase your speed even more. Make as many moves as you can and match as many as you can during a single jump to build your combo multiplier.

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